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  Connected Mathematics is a standards-based curriculum that develops deep mathematical understanding as well as reasoning and skill. To achieve full capacity implementation, teachers must develop the knowledge and experience to use such materials to engage students in appropriate ways.

The focus of professional development for teachers implementing Connected Mathematics is to enable teachers to learn mathematics content and pedagogy needed to plan their instruction around the curriculum.

Teachers will be trained based upon local needs. Teachers need to experience inquiry-based pedagogy in their professional development that will serve as a guide for their own teaching. In addition, teachers need to be involved in sufficient conversations about teaching problem-centered materials to feel comfortable during implementation.
 Focus of Professional Development:
  • Develop a deeper understanding and broader view of mathematics
  • Strengthen teacher's  pedagogical knowledge
  • Explore assessment aligned with inquiry-based instructional strategies


 Topics to be addressed:
  • Analyzing the key mathematical ideas in the investigations and units
  • Model teaching to experience units in a way that is similar to student experience
  • Instruction model for implementation
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Understanding the development of algorithms
  • Connecting and relating mathematical ideas
  • Identifying ways to assess students understanding
  • Questioning and listening techniques
  • Pacing as an important factor in the rhythm of learning
  • Management issues relating to material and learning styles
  • Reflecting on teaching and learning

  We offer teachers focused and concentrated training in Connected Mathematics which completely supports a problem-centered curriculum.
Our consulting services offer teachers the opportunity to become familiar with the conceptual and practical skills integral to Connected Mathematics.


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